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Gym Workouts

Liftlog+ is a best in class workout tracker made for the gym. You can easily plan your workouts and track every set, repetition & weight. See your progress over time and stay motivated.

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Plan Workouts

Use the simple editor to create your workout routines. It's easy to add exercises, sets, repetitions and weights.

  • Use over 290 animated exercises with step-by-step instructions.
  • Choose from build in routines to get started.
  • Assign days to your workout routines.
  • Prefilled sets and repetitions when adding exercises.
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Track Workouts

With an intuitive interface it's effortless to track your sets and focus on your workout.

  • See logs from previous workouts.
  • Mark sets as warmup, failure and drop.
  • Add notes to workouts and exercises.
  • Use timers to rest between sets.
  • Add, replace, reorder and remove exercises.
  • Use Supersets and log RPE.
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Make Progress

See your progress over time, visualized using beautiful charts and trends.

  • See total volume, duration, number of sets and number of repetitions.
  • Distibution of muscle groups.
  • See which exercises were most used.
  • Switch between weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly timeframes.
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See Your History

All your workouts are saved in the history where you can see how you progressed over time.

  • See total weight volumen and duration for workouts.
  • See one rep max values for exercises.
  • See avarage heart rate and burned active calories.
  • Create routines from any previous workout.
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Ratings & Reviews


Finally a perfect workout app

Made the switch from Android to IOS and have been dissatisfied with every workout tracking app I’ve tried so far. This one is easily the best and I gladly pay for it. It lets you creat unlimited routines, has a rest timer built in, let’s you track RPE, and much more. It’s a serious lifters app.



Great Tool for Progress

Simple, easy and intuitive. One of the best workout trackers on the App Store and the developer is dedicated to improving it. Definitely recommended.



Simple and effective!

I've been using the app for a while now and I like it for its simplicity! Helps me creating routines and tracking my exercises.



The best fitness app I’ve found

No need to log in, everything is stored on device. It also just works. It has everything I need to track my weight training.

The Calgary Herald


Great app for muscle growth and technique

I use it multiple times a week and find the step by step instructions especially useful!



Pretty cool app

Keeps track of everything that you do in the gym and really helps you out.


More Features

Feature Apple Watch ® Companion

Apple Watch ® Companion

See your heart rate and active calories during workouts.

Feature HealthKit™ Support


Save workouts done with your Apple Watch ® to the health app.

Feature iCloud Backups

iCloud Backups

Daily backups for all workouts, routines and exercises.

Feature Dark Mode

Dark Mode

Easy on the eyes for those late evening sessions.

Feature Themes


Choose one of the many themes to customize the apps appearance.

Feature CSV Export

CSV Export

Export workouts to CSV and analyze them in your favourite spreadsheet app.

Feature Archive Workout Routines

Archive Routines.

Archive old routines and better focus on your current ones.

Feature Large Exercise Library

Exercises Library

Over 290 animated exercises with descriptions, equipment and step-by-step instructions.

Feature Create Custom Exercises

Create Exercises

Can't find an exercise? Add you own to the library and use it in workouts and routines.

Image of App Developer Denis Andrašec

I wanted to create an app that would keep people motivated on their workout journey.

App Developer Signature


Ok, lets go!

It's time to get focused during your workouts. Download now for free!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the free version?

Most features in the app are free, like the vast exercise library and workout tracking. Some features, like notes, rest timers and unlimited custom routines and exercises, are offered as a paid upgrade.

Are there ads in the app?

No, because ads suck! I really wanted to build a great app, and ads would just ruin the overall experience.

What data is beeng collected?

No personally identifyable data is collected or shared with third parties. The app does record anonymized usage metrics, errors and crashes. Check out the privacy policy to learn more.